Our Story

Kat’s Creations xoxo started over 15 years ago on the lounge room floor of my parents’ house and boy did mum love the mess I created and left on the carpet! Sorry Mum.

 It all started with one piece of jewellery. You know that piece in the shop window that you can’t stop thinking about? Well this was it. So of course, I bought it (as you do). It was possibly a bad fashion mistake- but we all have those moments, I’ve certainly had a few!

Once I had my trendy necklace at home, I started to look past its beauty and realised that for the price I paid, it didn’t look like too much. I became curious about other jewellery pieces and the price tag attached to them and became annoyed at the ridiculous overpricing and profits these big companies make out of us. I thought  to myself “I could make that. It can’t be that hard.” 

With a couple of beads, some wire and clips, I started getting back in touch with my creative side. Something I had left behind many years ago at school. And that’s where Kat’s Creations xoxo began.

There were no YouTube ‘how to’ videos to follow. No step by step instruction websites. No one to help me. No one to support my new idea. There were people questioning why I would bother when it was easier to purchase some cheap, plastic earrings from the local shop. So, I taught myself. I played around with what I had. I showed people that with a plan, some patience and persistence I could achieve what I set out to do. Soon enough, I was making presents for family and friends and they loved their unique and individual pieces. 10 years on, my cousin still has and wears the earrings I made for her one Christmas.


What I soon discovered was that wearing my own unique jewellery helped me in developing my confidence. I’d never been great at making small talk and hold conversations with new people, but with a killer pair of earrings or an eye catching necklace conversations became easier. The jewellery not only took my outfit to the next level, but became a conversation starter making the awkward discussions easier to enter. How many times have you complimented someone on their earrings? Asked them where they got them from?Jewellery starts conversations.

Fast forward to now. Kat’s Creations xoxo has developed into something much bigger than I had ever thought it would be. Creating stunning unique pieces for a growing list of new friends and welcoming more people into the Kat’s Creations xoxo family. My dream of creating beautiful, high quality jewellery for strong women, without these pieces breaking the bank is coming true. I want all women to feel their inner goddess with a pair of show stopping earrings. 

Because with the right accessories you can conquer the world!




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